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     In the past, there was no scientific method for determining the correct occlusal vertical dimension. Dentists used trial-and-error techniques and guesswork to approximate this vital measurement. The Knebelman Craniometer eliminates the guesswork. It enables dentists to quickly and accurately obtain the proper dimension, and provides the basis for better dentures, as well as the treatment and prevention of disorders caused by malocclusion.
Thousands of prosthodontists, orthodontists, implantologists,TMJ specialists, and general dentists now rely on it.  

     Establishing the vertical jaw relation is an essential step in the fitting of dentures, as well as in other dental restoration work. Malocclusion can cause craniomandibular disorders  that affect chewing, swallowing, and breathing.  Correcting these disorders can bring truly marvelous improvements in the general health and well being of your patients. The difficulty for you is in establishing the proper amount  of  corrective  action.

     With the Knebelman Craniometer, patients can be shown on their first visit the benefits your treatment will offer. Lost vertical dimension is clearly visible as space between the chin and the lower arm of the device.  Insert a wax bite, set to the craniometric measurement. Have your patients view themselves in a mirror, and check their appearance, as well as their swallowing and breathing, before and after. By demonstrating the potential results of restoring the proper dimension, in terms of aesthetics, facial comfort, and/or ability to swallow and breathe, you can make your patient's decision to accept you as their dentist that much easier.







     The Knebelman Craniometer provides a reliable aid in analyzing and determining occlusal vertical dimension. It is based on an anatomical correlation that has been found to exist between certain measurable craniofacial features.


The Knebelman Craniometer is first used to obtain the       craniometric measurement.

2.   The patient views herself with old dentures in place.  The loss of vertical dimension is clearly visible as space between the chin and the lower arm of the gauge.    


A small dot is placed on the palate of the existing dentures and the patient is advised to put her tongue there.  We then close through a wax bite to the craniometric measurement. The patient sees the obvious change for improvement in her lips and chin.  Even the ability to hold the craniometer against the nose and chin is more level.

On the first visit, the patient has seen what her face will look like when it is restored to the correct vertical dimension and decides to proceed with treatment.

How it Works

     Dr. Knebelman's Craniometric Method for Analyzing and Determining Occlusal Vertical Dimension is based on his discovery that when growth, development and occlusion are normal, the distance from the mesial wall of the external auditory canal to the lateral corner of the bony orbit is proportionately related to the distance between the most anterior undersurface part of the mandible and the nasal spine. The Knebelman Craniometer is used to measure the first distance, then proportionately adjusted to guide closure of the mandible vertically. The proportional adjustment is built into the design of the device, with a read and a set side, which makes it easy to use.




Each Craniometer Kit Contains:  

The Knebelman Craniometer- a precision-made, high-impact plastic gauge, specifically designed to fit anatomical landmarks.  

A clinical video demonstrating Dr. Knebelman’s Craniometric Method, and its use in prosthodontics and craniomandibular disorders.

Detailed printed instructions for use, including anatomically accurate drawings and step-by-step photographs of a case.  

An application guide for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, using a new patented method by Dr. Knebelman and Alan Deeley, CDT. This technique uses the Craniometric Method in conjunction with a ball-bearing gothic arch tracing device and the concept of centerline occlusion. For more information on the ball bearing bite recorder, contact Winston Teeples at (724) 652-3690 or

An outline for the evaluation of respiratory and swallowing patho-physiology using the Craniometric Method.  

 Technical support is available by phone.

Dentists who have used the Knebelman Craniometer report:

"It's the first scientific method of checking occlusal vertical dimension"

  Dr. Eliot Feinberg, Scarsdale, N.Y.
Temple University School of Dentistry

“I have had great success with this device... It has simplified my practice and saved me countless hours.”

                                                                                              Dr. Joe Blaes, Editor, Dental Economics
                                                                                              “Pearls for Your Practice” 6/96 and 12/03
"It is a great aid in establishing vertical dimension when compared to the methodology that has been available until now."

Dr. Jack Warrens, Prosthodontist
San Diego, CA

"I am very well pleased. There hasn't been anything like this available. It works well for fabrication of dentures and relining."

Dr. Ryan, Prosthodontist
Manitoba, Canada

"Video and directions are very clear. It's simple to use. All normal patients corroborate the method. Great aid in reconstruction. I used to use the trial and error method."

Dr. James D. Reese, D.M.D.
Conshohocken, PA

"It is now an integral part of my prosthetic practice- it was very useful in demonstrating to the patient the need for a new lower denture."

Dr. James C. Hohn
           Yankton, South Dakota

"You have made a great contribution to our profession."

Henry Lucas, D.D.S.
    San Francisco, CA

Patients speak:

"The device played an important part in my treatment. Now my mouth and jaw function normally and I am relieved of pain."

Margaret Metz
Lester, PA

"My face looks and feels much better, as do my neck and head."

Barbara Seidman
Philadelphia, PA

"The instrument helped determine that I had a collapsed bite. The appliances made for me have helped so much it is unbelievable. The relief from the headaches was fantastic. Thank you so much."

JoAnn Cappellucci
Vineland, NJ

Ordering Information

Complete Kit, with an autoclavable Craniometer: $230.00.

Complete Kit, with a non-autoclavable Craniometer (for a limited time only): $180.00.

Plus Shipping and Handling: $15.00.

If for some reason you're not satisfied, the kit can be returned within 30 days for a full product refund.

You'll find that the value of our kit is best measured in terms of what it will do for your patients and your practice. In purchasing the kit, you are paying for a uniquely beneficial, patented method, as well as a clinically tested device, and the cost compares favorably to that of a seminar or workshop, in which you might learn other, perhaps less useful or reliable dental techniques.

Start today to bring welcome relief to your patients. Use a Visa or Mastercard and order your Knebelman Craniometer by calling (510) 653-1984, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, West Coast Time, Monday to Friday, and we will rush your kit directly to you. To email us, click here: